Helicopter flight is one of life's great achievements. Ten years ago the cost of a PPL/H (Private Pilots License Helicopter) was prohibitive.  Today helicopters are more competitively priced and helicopter piloting has become more popular and affordable than ever. You will train in the Robinson R22 Beta II. No other helicopter in its class can match its speed, reliability and low operating costs and the R22 Beta II is the most popular training and personal helicopter in the world.

The professional and relaxed PPL/H training at Crescent City Helicopters can be completed at your pace, we are open 7 days a week so whether you wish to fly everyday or on weekends we will accommodate your schedule. Our home base at New Orleans Lakefront Airport is only minutes from the practice area so your "skids up" time is maximized.  Crescent City Helicopters will work to see that you acheive your dream to become a helicopter pilot.

The PPL is your first step to an exciting hobby or career in helicopter aviation. Your private license will allow you to fly for fun, take friends and family for rides, provide aerial transportation and build toward future ratings.

A word about safety....

It comes first at Crescent City Helicopters. Safety is the most important consideration at all times, meticulous maintenance, proper pre-flight and strict procedures are taught at all times to ensure a safe and fun flying experience.